Health Safety & Environment

Pithampur Waste Management Private Ltd(PIWMPL) is committed to responsible management of waste, and protection and improvement of the environment. It operates on the philosophy of Recover Recycle and Reuse (3Rs). It complies with the requirements of HSE management system, continually improving its effectiveness by enhancing its processes, resources and principles in conformance with OHSAS – 18001.

In this endeavour, PIWMPL shall strive to be Conscious of its responsibility towards creating, conserving, and ascertaining a clean environment for sustainable development and protect the health & safety of all its associated workforce, thereby ensuring a safe, healthy and accident free work place.

To meet this commitment towards achieving operational excellence in HSE objectives REEL shall:

  • Adopt appropriate operational practices, safety systems and suitable methods to monitor, control and minimize the risk & impact of its activities on HSE.
  • Ensure that its operations at-least comply with applicable HSE laws, regulations and statutory provisions.
  • Ascertain that appropriate resources are made available to implement HSE policy and continuously review the policy’s relevance with respect to legal aspects, community and business development.
  • Develop and maintain a motivated workforce trained for effective management of HSE and emergency situations.
  • Provide information on HSE policy to the concerned authorities & interested parties and converse with business associates to facilitate their health and safety improvement with the intent of their individual HSE obligations.
  • Cultivate a work culture where the HSE policy is understood, implemented and maintained by employees at all levels within the organization.
  • Continually improve its HSE performance by setting objectives & targets and conduct regular audits to ensure that operations are incompliance with HSE management system requirements.